C++/Vision/Graphics Enthusiast

We are…

… an IT spin-off originating at ETH Zurich. We develop algorithms and software to improve communication in video calls. Our software CatchEye (www.catch-eye.com) plugs into existing video call systems. It enables eye contact (patent pending) and removes distractions from the video feed. This helps users to build trust and develop more personal relationships over video.

We’re looking for…

… good engineering skills in C++ / OpenGL. Also, experience with OpenCV, Qt, CMake and git or mobile development (Android iOS) is a plus.

computer vision / computer graphics knowledge to help us keep our core technology cutting-edge and ahead of competition.

… passion to work in a small team with big ambitions, but also able to perform independently.

curiosity, motivation to learn new things and problem solving skills.

We want you to…

… use your skills and creativity to improve our core technology algorithms for face tracking, user segmentation, rendering and image processing.

… help us to bring CatchEye to new platforms, like Mac OS X, iOS, Android or even javascript.

… make use all of your computer science knowledge, from high level application design and GUI programming to low level speed and memory optimizations on both CPU and GPU.

… enjoy getting involved in a variety of startup-related tasks (not limited to software development), from installing servers and supporting customers to creating videos for sales pitches.

… accept a lot of freedom, but also responsibility in shaping the course of our startup.

… help us improving our Joel Test Score, which is not yet at 12.

If you’re interested to join us, please contact us with a few words and your CV at [email protected]